Video: Roncalli students roped, hammered, and tossed bales for Ag Olympics

Farm Forum

By Kathy Jensen

Roncalli High School students had the chance to experience day-to-day farm life at the Ag Olympics on Feb. 24.

The event, held in the gym, was put on by Roncalli students involved in the National FFA Organization

The group tried to choose events that were closest to what those in the ag industry might actually do on a daily basis, said Michaela Olson, Roncalli senior and FFA member.

Each grade competed against the others in a variety of challenges, with seniors coming out the winners.

In the Farmer Brown relay race, selected teams raced in coveralls to the other end of the gym. Girls had to hammer a staple into a board, while guys had to haul back a 5-gallon bucket of corn. A couple of the guys tripped, spilling their buckets.

Students also roped, threw straw bales and ran an egg-and-spoon relay.

Olson said the event inspires students to consider ag careers.Not every kid wants to be a doctor, an astronaut or a lawyer, she said.

“It’s ‘I want to be a farmer’ because they get to do this,” Olson said.