Better Choices, Better Health South Dakota lay leader trainings coming to Aberdeen

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BROOKINGS — Better Choices, Better Health South Dakota offers self-management programs designed to help those living with chronic health conditions and their supporters gain confidence and learn skills to better manage their own health, stay active and take charge.

“Attending a BCBH South Dakota Lay Leader Training teaches citizens how to co-lead BCBH workshops, enhance their health, and the health of their community as they share the gift of self-management with others,” said Megan Erickson, SDSU Extension nutrition field specialist. “South Dakotans can make a difference by helping others to feel better, live better, be better and age strong.”

2018 BCBH South Dakota Trainings will be offered at the SDSU Extension Regional Center in Aberdeen (13 Second Ave.) beginning April 11:

• BCBH Chronic Disease Self-Management ProgramLay Leader Training: four-day training to become a leader for the chronic disease-self management program on April 11, 12, 18, and 19.

• BCBH Diabetes Lay Leader Cross-Training: one-day training for BCBH South Dakota leaders to be cross trained in the diabetes self-management program on April 20. Must be attending Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Lay Leader Training in April or already be a certified Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Lay Leader.

More about Better Choices, Better Health South Dakota

The BCBH program is designed for those with chronic conditions that might include, but are not limited to: arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, depression, cancer, high blood pressure, breathing problems, chronic pain, anxiety, weight issues and fibromyalgia.

The BCBH Diabetes program is designed for adults with pre-diabetes and type 2-diabetes. Caregivers are also welcome to attend.

The program’s workshops are co-lead by two trained leaders and consist of six two-and-a-half hour sessions with interactive group discussion.

“Better Choices, Better Health SD is not a support group but rather a workshop on how to make small steps toward positive changes and a healthier life,” explained Erickson.

The workshop topics include: managing pain, fatigue and stress; tips for healthy eating, personal exercise plans; relaxation techniques; medication how-to’s; dealing with emotions; and working better with your doctor and care team and specific to the BCBH Diabetes program are meal planning, monitoring blood sugar level, and preventing or delaying complications.

The South Dakota Department of Health, South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension, and South Dakota Department of Human Services launched the Better Choices, Better Health South Dakota in an effort to teach South Dakotans with chronic health conditions ways to manage the impact of their disease on their lives and their families’ lives.

For more information, call the SDSU Extension Office at 1-888-484-3800.

To register for this training, visit Preregistration is required. The deadline is March 30, 2018.

The fee to register for CDSMP Lay Leader Training is $250. True volunteers, not sponsored by an employer/organization to attend, may have the registration fee waived and be eligible for financial assistance to attend the training (please contact for more information. There is no fee to register for the diabetes cross-training.