Krueger: Rain, rain come this way — the soybeans need it

Gerald Krueger Aberdeen
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What do you think? Have we had about enough of those mighty rains missing us in Aberdeen?

Just seems like there is a wall existing somewhere out west that just prevents any measurable amount of moisture to come our way. Can’t hardly do anything about it except a few words to the man above. Guess he must be a little out-of-sorts with us, huh? Rain all around us amounting to inches and more — and we get a trace or nothing.

There is something to be said here about the faith of some American farmers. We planted our soybeans in absolute dust. Now that takes some kind of faith to plant it that way, and have the faith that it will rain. But, the soybeans at the K-farm didn’t break the surface very much, so nothing to do but seed it over again. Kind of costly but what can you do? We need to plant it in order to harvest it.

For those of us who “believe,” we are forced to resort to some kind of prayer and ask for divine intervention toward receiving a measurable amount of moisture.

Lately the amount of rain is so very, very spotty. The K-farm misses a good rain and just a few miles away a deluge developed and they measure 1 inch or more in one downpour.

Oh we have had rain, but mostly .10 and even .20 at times, but never a bountiful rain that brings about rapidly growing crops.

Just recently the forecast was for lots of rain, and sure enough a dark blue could formed up just west of us and suddenly the sky just opened up and a deluge resulted and it lasted 30 seconds, and that was it. No more rain the rest of the day.

Some folks say we are so unkind in our everyday lives that the dry weather is God’s way of getting even with us. As for the lovely Mary Ann and I, it is the weather.

One would think we should be getting used to the lack of rain. For the past three years have had very dry summers, and the crop yields have shown it big time. Rain is such a bountiful gift, and it sure perks up the old morale whenever we get a good rainstorm.

Have you ever thought about how much we take things for granted in our lives? We just assume it will always rain. Even my old Grandfather Will Krueger used to lament about the “light-spot” in the west would always without fail pass over the K-farm and they would miss out on a good rain.

Not much can grow without that all nourishing moisture. It is sad, sad to watch the withering of such a beautiful crop. Lately as I drive to the K-farm, It is so disheartening to observe the definite wilting of both corn and soybeans due to lack of rainfall ever since it was all planted.

In just a short while abundant moisture (if that is ever possible?) will do no good and the crops will be too far gone to ever produce.

Nuff said.

Gerald “Jerry” Krueger is a retired educator, coach, commercial pilot and farmer. Email

Gerald Krueger, Aberdeen