South Dakota Summer Spotlight cattle shows

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See replays of our livestream of the cattle shows at SD Summer Spotlight on July 28, 2018.

Top five cattle selectionSouth RingNorth Ring

We also have galleries showing championship cattle and sights from the event.

Top five cattle selection as seen from South view

Top five cattle selection as seen from North view

South Ring


Note: Hereford show ends around 2:11:45.


Note: Gelbvich show ends around 2:41:00.

Angus Futurity

Note: Angus Futurity show ends around 3:20:00.


Note: Angus show ends around 4:35:00.


Note: Shorthorn show ends around 5:36:30.

Crossbred Market Heifer

Note: Crossbred Market Heifer show ends around 6:15:30.

Crossbred Market Steer

Note: Crossbred Market Steer show ends around 7:20:30.

Commercial Heifer

Note: Commercial Heifer show ends around 7:56:30.

North Ring


Note: Simmental show ends around 2:15:00.


Note: Charolais show ends around 3:27:00.

Red Angus

Note: Red Angus show ends around 4:17:00.


Note: Chianina show ends around 5:15:00.


Note: Limousin show ends around 5:50:00.

Maine Anjou

Note: Maine Anjou show ends around 7:09:00.

Full replays of the entire livestream can be found here.

South RingNorth Ring

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Sight from South Dakota Summer Spotlight on Saturday, July 28, 2018. Farm Forum photo by Elizabeth Varin take 07/28/18