Waycross not the typical duplex

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If you picture the typical duplex as being dumpy and cramped, the Waycross may change your mind. And what's more, the units are not even identical!

But both do have charming front porches with room for patio furniture or an old-fashioned porch swing. And each has a surprising four bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs.

Other commonalities include: a two-car garage; living room up front; kitchen and dining area at the rear, close to powder room and utility room; a raised eating bar defining the kitchen and dining area; and a recessed, partially covered side patio, well-separated from the other unit's patio.

In fact, were it not for one shared garage wall, the occupants of the two units would likely forget they were living in a duplex.

The right-hand unit is ever-so-slightly larger than the one on the left, and its porch is closer to the street. Its reversed-C-shaped kitchen has counters on three sides, plus a pantry, more cabinets, and a counter across the way. Sliding glass doors provide access to the rear covered patio.

Upstairs, its front bedroom boasts his-and-hers walk-in closets and a rectangular window bay, ideal for a window seat or sewing nook. This bedroom also has a two-section, private bathroom.

The kitchen in the Waycross' left-hand unit has more of an upside-down G shape and features a walk-in pantry. Upstairs, its front bedroom also has a two-section private bathroom, this one with a double vanity. And instead of two smaller walk-in closets, its front bedroom has one large walk-in with a front window.

The shared bathroom upstairs in this unit is more spacious than in the other unit, while the linen closet is smaller.

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