January 29: Current Prices

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Current prices are recorded from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and auctions throughout the United States. Prices vary in different locations because of local economic conditions. 

Staffordshire plate, historical flow blue, Robert Burns, portrait center, six scenes from his life and writing around border, 10 inches, $30. 

Rug, hooked, child in red coat on horse-drawn sled, cottage, hills and  trees in background, handmade, c. 1930, 38 inches, $190. 

Tool, knife sharpener, oak drum, 10 knife slots, shaped cast-iron frame, crank handle, enamel label with "Crowden & Garrod/Manufacturers & Merchants/Trade Mark/Falcon/Falcon House, London S. E.," 1800-1897, 45 x 24 x 26 inches, $225. 

Jewelry, demi-parure, necklace and earrings, blue and aurora borealis crystals, marquise teardrop and round rhinestone clusters, Schiaparelli, necklace 18 inches, $530. 

Wood carving, snow sled, three-board seat, iron supports and strapping, runners and edges curve up in front to form handles, Victorian, 31 x 50 x 15 inches, $630. 

Toy, waltzing couple, Les Valseurs, man and woman dance a waltz, metal, cloth, windup mechanism under woman's skirt, wheeled base, Fernand Martin, c. 1910, 7 1/2 inches. $800. 

Furniture, worktable, drop leaf, mahogany, rectangular top with two curved leaves, drawer over drawer with brass pulls, twist carved legs with casters, American, c. 1810, 29 5/8 x 33 x 16 3/4 inches, $1,000. 

Olympics, poster, III Olympic Winter Games, Rings, Lake Placid, New York, February 4-13, 1932, artwork for bobsledding, ski jumping, speed skating, figure skating and alpine skiing, blue tones on gold finish, 40 x 25 inches, $1,125. 

Snuff bottle, Peking glass, carved overlay, four colors, white Medicine Buddha in relief, sitting on lotus, holding medicine jar, blue-and-brown swirling aura, yellow background, cobalt-blue stone cap, 3 1/2 inches, $1,310. 

Advertising tin, biscuits, Normandie, luxury ocean liner shape, detailed graphics, flag, red, white and blue, removable lid with three smokestacks on top, 22 inches, $1,475.