SD Grassland Coalition encourages farmers to consider a later turnout day for bulls this summer

Kris Miner
South Dakota Grassland Coalition
Ag News

With the traditional bull turnout date for most producers coming in the next couple weeks, the South Dakota Grassland Coalition would like to remind cattle producers that considering a later breeding and calving season may be beneficial.

The Coalition partnered with SDSU Extension and others to share ranchers' stories of shifting to later calving dates to improve economics, marketing options and quality of life. These experiences are captured in a series of YouTube videos, available at the SD Grassland Coalition YouTube Channel and the SDGC website

The video series is divided into five categories and range from 5 to 22 minutes in length. 

Topics range from where and when to calve, herd management, and how later calving impacts family and marketing decisions. When the videos were initially released last spring, feedback from livestock producers was very positive.

As is evident throughout the testimonials featured in the videos, planning is the key ingredient. Check out the videos for first hand experiences that you could consider.

For more information, please contact SDSU Extension's Pete Bauman at