4-H members compete in North Dakota horse contests

North Dakota State University Extension
The Pierce County team took first place in the senior division of the hippology contest. Pictured are, from left: coach Barb Rice and team members Joey Wolf, Kendra Leier, Mika Guty and Tianna Dwyer.

4-H teams and individuals brought home awards from several state hippology, horse judging, demonstration, public speaking and quiz bowl contests held recently at the North Dakota Horse Expo in Minot.

In the hippology and horse judging contests, 4-H members completed a 50 question multiple-choice test worth 100 points, answered various questions and identified equine-associated material in 10 different stations worth 100 points.

Each team had 10 minutes to read and prepare an answer for their team problem and then five minutes to present their answer to the problem. In addition, two classes of horse judging worth 100 points were judged to finish the contest.

For the horse judging contest, students judged two halter classes and four performance classes of riders and horses to test their knowledge on equine evaluation of movement and conformation, rider equitation, and scoring a horse and rider’s performance.

Results are as follows:

Hippology, Senior Division (Team)

First: Pierce County, with team members Kendra Leier, Mika Guty, Tianna Dwyer and Joey Wolf

Second: Ward County, with team members Emily Fannik, Anne Schauer, Olivia Lebrun and Mikaela Woodruff

Third: Sargent County, with team members Kari Fuhrman, Baylee Lura and Allie Bopp

Hippology, Senior Division (individual)

First: Kendra Leier, Pierce County

Second: Kari Fuhrman, Sargent County

Third: Tianna Dwyer, Pierce County

Hippology, Intermediate Division (team)

First: Pierce County, with team members Kami Guty, Maggie Iverson, Katelyn Mattern and Jesse Wolf

Second: Ransom County, with team members Cody Freeberg, Jessilynn Lund and Eli Lyons

Third: Griggs County, with team members Devyn Fouger, Ada Haugen, Ruth Haugen and Nevaeh Martin

Hippology, Junior Division (team)

First: McLean County, with team members Molly Jochim, Bella Wimer and Hannah Woodruff

Second: Ward County, with team members Brynlee Bloms, Sophia Lebrun and Nadia Lemer

Third: Pierce County, with team members Elizabeth Hurly, Addi Mack and Morgan Scherr

Horse Judging, Senior Division (team)

First: Ward County, with team members Emily Fannik, Anne Schauer, Olivia Lebrun and Mikaela Woodruff

Second: Pierce County, with team members Kendra Leier, Mika Guty, Tianna Dwyer and Joey Wolf

Third: Morton County, with team members Emily Voigt, Ashlynn Kuntz, Isabella Schaaf, Jaden Kuntz and Kaylee Kuntz

Horse Judging, Senior Division (individual)

First: Emily Fannik, Ward County

Second: Anne Schauer, Ward County

Third: Kendra Leier, Pierce County

Horse Judging, Junior Division (team)

First: Pierce County, with team members Jesse Wolf, Kami Guty, Katelyn Mattern, Addi Mack, Elizabeth Hurley, Maggie Iverson and Morgan Scherr

Second: Ward County, with team members Hailey Schauer, Sophia Lebrun, Sadie Lemer, Bailey Bloms, Nadia Lemer and Brynlee Bloms

Third: Ransom County, with team members Cody Freeberg, Jessilynn Lund and Eli Lyons

Horse Judging, Junior Division (individual)

First: Jesse Wolf, Pierce County

Second: Hailey Schauer, Ward County

Third: Kami Guty, Pierce County

For the demonstration contest, 4-H members use visual aids to demonstrate how to accomplish what they are excited to teach in a step-by-step procedure. An illustrated talk is defined as a presentation of an idea or topic of the horse industry that also may use visual aids to convey the message. In the public speaking contest, however, contestants cannot use any visual aids. Each 4-H member prepares and delivers a horse-related speech.

The quiz bowl contest allowed teams of four or five 4-H members to demonstrate their knowledge of equine-related subject matter in a competitive setting. Each member has a hand on a buzzer, ready to answer a question as the contestants compete in a one-on-one phase and a toss-up phase.

Results are as follows:

Demonstrations, Senior Division (team)

First: Abby Freeberg and Jillian Hughes, Ransom County, presenting “Bringing Up Baby”

Demonstrations, Senior Division (individual)

First: Jillian Hughes, Ransom County, presenting “Daddy, I Want A Horse, Please”

Second: Abby Freeberg, Ransom County, presenting “Equine Kindergarten”

Demonstrations, Junior Division (team)

First: Mariah Bopp and Lily Mundt, Sargent County, presenting “Ride, Set, Ride”

Second: Brynlee Bloms and Sophia Lebrun, Ward County, presenting “Pony Power”

Demonstrations, Junior Division (individual)

First: Alea Kramlich, Kidder County, presenting “Branding 101”

Second: Jade Shipley, Kidder County, presenting “How to Photograph Your Horse”

Third: Sadie Lemer, Ward County, presenting “The Road to the Modern Equine”

Public Speaking, Senior Division

First: Allie Bopp, Sargent County, presenting “Are You in the Know”

Second: Mikaela Woodruff, Ward County, presenting “The Chaos of Horse Color”

Third: Kari Fuhrman, Sargent County, presenting “Snowman - The Eighty Dollar Champion”

Public Speaking, Junior Division

First: Cody Freeberg, Ransom County, presenting “War Horse Heroes”

Second: Samantha Timmerman, Sargent County, presenting “Trotting Through Time”

Quiz Bowl, Senior Division (team)

First: Ward County, with team members Anne Schauer, Mikaela Woodruff, Olivia Lebrun and Emily Fannik

Second: Pierce County, with team members Kendra Leier, Tianna Dwyer, Josephine Wolf and Mika Guty

Quiz Bowl, Junior Division (team)

First: Pierce County No. 1, with team members Katelyn Mattern, Kami Guty, Maggie Iverson and Jesse Wolf

Second: Kidder County, with team members Alea Kramlich, Jade Shipley, Britta Madke and Brody Schoenhart

Third: Pierce County No. 2, with team members Morgan Scherr and Addi Mack