SDSU Extension launches new podcast about water

South Dakota State University Extension
SDSU Extension's Streamlines podcast will offer insight and discussion on all things water.

Brookings, S.D. - South Dakota State University  Extension recently announced the release of a new podcast, Streamlines.

The podcast is hosted by John McMaine, assistant professor and SDSU extension water management engineer, and Anthony Bly, SDSU Extension soils field specialist. Streamlines is produced by Keely Moriarty, SDSU agricultural and biosystems engineering outreach and research assistant, the audio series aims to bring listeners insight and discussion on all things water. The podcast is co-sponsored by the South Dakota Water Resources Institute.

Each season of Streamlines will feature 10 to 16 episodes and will cover different topics ranging from conservation drainage and ecosystem services to green stormwater management practices. Throughout the podcast, McMaine and Bly will feature interviews with experts to explore the theme of each episode.

"We believe that the Streamlines Podcast will be entertaining, informative and thought-provoking to all who listen," says McMaine. "We hope this audio series will enable listeners to explore cutting-edge topics related to water issues and provide insight about what the future holds for water management. Each episode will include useable information that will empower rural and urban stakeholders to better understand and implement practices that improve water quality and quantity."

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