New ornamental shrubs, trees publication available from MSU Extension

Montana State University News Service
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BOZEMAN — Montana State University Extension has a new, free, color booklet about identifying and managing pests and problems in ornamental trees and shrubs in Montana.

The 240-page guide is intended to help MSU Extension agents, arborists and those in nursery and landscape trades identify and diagnose tree and shrub issues and to help with decisions for treatment based on integrated pest management concepts.

“The first step in an (integrated pest management) approach is to correctly identify pests to determine how best to manage them, and we hope our guide will help with this critical first step,” said Sarah Eilers, integrated pest management manager.

Additionally, although insects and diseases are often blamed for woody plant symptoms, most problems with ornamental plants are environmental issues, such as over-watering or nutrient deficiencies. This guide also covers common environmental disorders associated with Montana trees and shrubs.

The guide includes a section on woody plant identification with multiple color photos per species, as well as sections on diseases, insects and environmental issues that also have multiple color photos to help with identification.

The guide is written by Sarah Eilers, integrated pest management manager; Eva Grimme, plant disease diagnostician; Lauren Kerzicnik, insect diagnostician; and Noelle Orloff, plant identification diagnostician. The development and printing of the guide were funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

A single printed copy of the spiral-bound booklet is available to order free from the MSU Extension Distribution Center. It can be shipped for a nominal charge. To order, visit or call 406-994-3273.

The guide is also available in sections as a downloadable PDF or as an HTML website.