SDSU Center of Excellence for Bison Studies to host 'BISON' exhibit

The Center of Excellence for Bison Studies in Rapid City, South Dakota, will host a bison exhibit through Feb. 4.

Rapid City, S.D. — The Center of Excellence for Bison Studies at the West River Research and Extension facility in Rapid City, South Dakota, is hosting "BISON: A traveling exhibit exploring the past, present, and future of this great North American mammal."

The traveling exhibit is currently located at the West River Research and Extension facility, 711 N Creek Drive, Rapid City. The exhibit is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST Mondays through Fridays and will be available until Feb. 4, with the exception of Dec. 23-25.

“The BISON exhibit is a great way for community members to learn more about our national mammal — from its storied history to its multi-pronged significance as a cultural, conservation and food animal species today,” said Kristi Cammack, director of the West River Research and Extension center. “South Dakota is home to the most bison in the country and people want to know more; this traveling exhibit provides a visual experience for youth and adults alike to do just that.”

Owned by the National Buffalo Foundation and the Kaufmann Museum, The BISON exhibit consists of 25 modules that demonstrate the natural history, cultural connections, ecological role of bisons, as well as industrial innovation related to bison, the early 20th century conservation movement led by President Theodore Roosevelt and uses of bison parts.

South Dakota is the No. 1 bison-producing state in the United States. The nearly 40,000 bison in South Dakota represent every part of the bison management system, including federal, state, tribal, private and non-government organization sectors.

“Learning about our nation’s relationship with bison is critical to understanding who we are as people today,” said Jeff Martin, director of research for the Center of Excellence for Bison Studies. “The bison are among the most adaptable species to adversity and challenges — I think we can learn a little about ourselves with the more we learn about and identify with the bison.”

For more information, contact Jeff Martin at or 605-394-2236.