MNHWC micro-grants available to Minnesota horse owners in need

The Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition helps horse owners and horses by providing timely access to resources.

The Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition’s mission is to keep Minnesota’s horses safe at home.

The MNHWC stands with horses and horse owners to provide timely access to resources before circumstances reach a crisis that endangers the well-being of the horse.

The MNHWC provides direct assistance to Minnesota horse owners experiencing temporary hardships and faced with competing priorities to maintain their horse or, as a last resort, refer horses to equine welfare and rescue members for rehoming assistance.

The MNHWC offers micro-grants of up to $500 per horse to help with veterinarian and farrier expenses, castration, feed and hay support, transportation for rehoming, medications and deworming.

Minnesota horse owners who need help can apply at If awarded, grants are paid directly to the service provider by the MNHWC. For more information, visit