North Dakota youth place in national shooting sports championship

North Dakota State University Extension
2022 National 4-H Shooting Sports team. 

Front row, left to right: archery coach Travis Annliker, archery coach Dustin Ceynar Will Schmidt, Jacob Russell, Clay Ceynar and Jake Ceynar.

Back row, left to right: shotgun coach Adam Dunlop, Will Schmidt, Jacob Schirado, Kylie Thompson, Halle Dunlop and shotgun coach Eric Thompson.

North Dakota’s 4-H shooting sports archery team placed fifth and the shotgun team placed 18th at the 2022 4-H National Championships in Grand Island, Neb., June 26-July 1.

The youth competed in a field of 30 teams in the shotgun events and 28 teams in the archery events.

The North Dakota teams consisted of competitors who qualified in the 2021 North Dakota State Championships in shotgun and archery. Each team had four members who competed in their qualifying discipline.

Members of the archery team were Clay Ceynar and Jake Ceynar from McKenzie County, Jacob Russell from Dickey County and William Schmidt from Hettinger County. Halle Dunlop, Will Gebhardt, Kylie Thompson and Jacob Schirado from Morton County represented North Dakota in shotgun.

The archery teams were required to participate in 3-D, World Federation Field Archery and a half-field round of National Federation Archery Association archery at the National Championships. The shotgun events included trap, skeet and sporting clays. Participants earned individual and team awards for the top 10 placings in the discipline for each day and overall match awards.

Overall Individual Awards


  • Gebhardt – 42nd
  • Dunlop – 74th
  • Thompson – 89th
  • Schirado – 103rd


  • J. Ceynar – 20th
  • Schmidt – 24th
  • C. Ceynar – 31st
  • Russell – 40th

Team and individual results by day

Day 1:

The North Dakota shotgun team placed 23rd in sporting clays. Individual placements were:

  • Gebhardt – 47nd (score 69/100)
  • Dunlop – 87th (score 57/100)
  • Schirado – 107th (score50/100)
  • Thompson – 108th (score 49/100)

The North Dakota archery team placed third in Federation Internationale de Tir a l’Arc archery. Individual placements were:

  • C. Ceynar – 12th (score 650/720)
  • Russell – 16th (score 644/720)
  • Schmidt – 19th (score 640/720)
  • J. Ceynar – 38th (score 623/720)

Day 2:

The shotgun team finished 18th in skeet. Individual placements were:

  • Gebhardt – 55th (score 84/100)
  • Dunlop – 59th (score 82/100)
  • Thompson – 92nd (score 71/100)
  • Schirado – 108th (score 62/100)

The archery team placed seventh in field archery. Individual placements were:

  • Russell – 22nd  (score 239/280)
  • Schmidt – 24th  (score238/280)
  • C. Ceynar – 25th (score 237/280
  • J. Ceynar – 34th  (score234/280

Day 3:

The shotgun team finished 12th in trap. Individual placements were:

  • Thompson – 24th (score 91/100)
  • Gebhardt – 29th (score 90/100)
  • Dunlop – 66th (score 84/100)
  • Schirado – 71st (score 83/100)

The archery team placed eighth in 3-D archery. Individual placements were:

  • J. Ceynar – 14th (score 248/330)
  • Schmidt – 39th (score 227/330)
  • C. Ceynar – 55th (score 216/330)
  • Russell – 69th (score 204/330)