Pfizer 50K genomic testing program available at new price for Angus

Farm Forum

The American Angus Association, its subsidiary Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) and Pfizer Animal Genetics are pleased to announce price improvements for the Pfizer 50K genomic testing program for Angus cattle. Now available at a cost of $75 per test, the DNA analysis still includes parentage as a no-cost benefit with this product.

“We are fortunate to see these price improvements, thanks to research collaboration, improved genomic technology and increased test volume,” says Bill Bowman, AGI president and Association chief operating officer.

The $75 test is available immediately as a benefit to producers with registered Angus cattle. Also, due to the expansion of the collaborative partnership between AGI and Pfizer Animal Genetics, research scientists are finalizing implementation of the 50K recalibration for release in early 2013.

“It’s encouraging to know that even more breeders will have the opportunity to discover additional information on their registered Angus herds, and make improvements for generations to come,” Bowman says.

AGI and the Association currently offer updates of the entire National Cattle Evaluation every week – including the 50K results incorporated in genomic-enhanced EPDs – providing the most accurate, rapid genetic feedback available in the beef cattle industry. For more details on Pfizer 50K testing, visit AGI online ( or access AAA Login (