4- H News

Farm Forum

The Friendly Fellows and Daisies met on January 6th at the Jungle Lanes in Groton. President Brady Wieker called the meeting to order. Andrew Marzahn led the American pledge, and Madeline Reints led the 4-H pledge. The roll call topic was “My favorite winter activity,” and 26 members answered the roll call. Communications were thank you’s from the Christmas party. The treasurer’s report was approved by Trey Wright and seconded by Dylan Frey. The secretary’s report was approved by Madeline Wright and seconded by Colin Frey. Thank you’s written and Christmas party was part of the old business. Old business was closed by Nathan Wright and seconded by Sterling Kappes. New business was the Newshound, ski trip, project day, and curriculum books. New business was closed by Sterling Kappes and was seconded by Hannah Sumption. Other business was bowling following the meeting. The meeting was adjourned by Ben G. and seconded by Kaitlyn Anderson. Talks and demos were given by Colin Frey on pressed pennies and Dylan Frey on community service. Lunch was served by Dylan and Colin Frey.

Reported by Justine Sanderson.