CROPLAN Seed announces 33 new soybean varieties for 2013 planting

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SHOREVIEW, Minn. – WinField is excited to announce 33 new high-performing soybean varieties in its 2013 lineup, nearly all featuring Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology. The new varieties provide powerful pest and disease resistance and will deliver potential for increased yield gains.

“Investments in breeding technology have accelerated the process of getting much-needed, higher-performing genetics to the field,” says Jack Carlson, Ph.D., soybean director, WinField. “These new varieties meet a number of production challenges and offer farmers the potential to reap meaningful yield increases.”

Carlson cites 2012 data gathered from nearly 200 research locations in the company’s national Answer Plot Program that show Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield varieties not only offer a two-bushel-per-acre improvement over the previous class, they also out-yielded original Roundup Ready varieties by an average of five bushels per acre. “With current market prices for soybeans, there’s a significant financial incentive to choose new technology,” he says. “Farmers who plant old-technology genetics will sell themselves short and may miss significant opportunities.”

The 2013 lineup features multiple varieties in each maturity to help farmers meet local production challenges, such as increasing soybean cyst nematode (SCN) pressure and new resistant strains of Phytophthora root rot (PRR).

“Many soybean growers have been waiting for a solution to combat new races of PRR,” says Carlson. “Now several new Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield varieties feature a gene, Rps3a, which offers more complete protection for this devastating disease.”

Carlson says there’s still time make the best choices for spring planting. Supplies of top-performing varieties in all maturities are still available.

Visit for more information on CROPLAN soybean varieties, and for comparative performance data on the industry’s top varieties, including new soybean varieties for 2013 from CROPLAN seed.

2013 CROPLAN Seed Soybean Variety Highlights

Group 0

· R2C0842 – Offers a new choice for managing soybean cyst nematode (SCN) with a significant yield advantage over the competition. Delivers medium-sized plants with bushy canopy, well developed lower pods, good standability and high stress tolerance. Rps3a gene provides excellent PRR resistance.

Group I

· R2C1572 – Early maturity version of standout R2C2070. Performs well from East to West delivering medium-type plants with intermediate bushy canopy. Excellent standability, emergence and stress tolerance. Features the Rps1c gene for PRR resistance plus good iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC), sudden death syndrome (SDS), SWM and brown stem rot (BSR) resistance.

Group II

· R2C2072 – Related to high-performing R2C2070, this new variety delivers medium-type plants with intermediate bushy canopy and excellent standability. Features the Rps1c gene for PRR resistance, plus very good IDC, SDS and BSR resistance.

Group III

· R2C3562 – Outstanding performance recorded in Indiana and Ohio. Offers medium-tall plants with narrow canopy and incredible stress tolerance. Features the Rps1c gene for PRR resistance. Resistant to BSR and SDS.

Group IV

· R2C4752S – Strong performing variety across the Midwest, East Coast, Mid-South and Delta. Excellent standability and a top greenstem rating. Its comprehensive disease package includes resistance to STS, SDS, SC and features the Rps1c gene for PRR resistance. Delivers medium plants with intermediate-bushy canopy.

Group V-VII

· R2C5371 – This determinate, excluder variety placed #1 in the Group V Answer Plot summary data in 2012. Provides resistance to SDS, FE and SCN. Delivers medium plants with an intermediate canopy.