New hybrids raise the bar on yield potential for corn growers

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SHOREVIEW, Minn. – WinField is excited to announce the addition of 28 new high-performing CROPLAN corn hybrids to its portfolio for the 2013 planting season. The additions offer corn growers a significant leap in genetic yield potential. Data gathered from nearly 200 locations in the company’s 2012 Answer Plot¨ Program reveals a nearly nine-bushel-per-acre yield increase over existing CROPLAN¨ seed corn hybrids and a nearly 11-bushel-per-acre yield advantage compared to a competitive seed brand.

“Typically, corn growers can expect a 5-bushel-per-acre yield increase each year from genetic advancement alone,” says Lee Wilkinson, director, corn product development, WinField. “Our next genetics class nearly doubles that with an average of 8.9 bushels per acre more than the 2012 hybrids in our lineup. He adds that comparative data from the Answer Plot¨ Program show CROPLAN¨ seed hybrids out-yielded the competition by 10.8 bushels per acre.

Wilkinson points to new Genuity SmartStax and VT Double PRO technology along with single-bag refuge as important new offerings in the CROPLAN seed line up that address marketplace needs and provide significant agronomic advantages, including strong stalks and roots, fast drydown, and high disease and heat-stress tolerance. He adds that with so many new hybrids entering the market, farmers will be better able to match the right genetics and traits to their local growing conditions.

“Each hybrid in our portfolio is backed by extensive research that helps farmers choose the right seed for their soil types and conditions, desired plant populations and cropping systems,” explains Wilkinson. “Our diverse portfolio allows local WinField agronomists to select hybrids on a field-by-field basis instead of expecting a few top hybrids to perform well in multiple geographies. That’s where we deliver the most value to our customers, by coupling leading genetics with local insights and expertise.”

Visit for more information about CROPLAN¨ corn hybrids, and for comparative performance data on the industry’s top hybrids, including offerings for 2013 from CROPLAN¨ seed.

2013 CROPLAN Seed Highlights by Hybrid

·2845SS 89 RM / 2845VT2P 87 RM – Early-flowering hybrids with high yield potential. Excellent stand establishment, disease resistance and fast drydown. Perform best in medium to medium-high plant populations on rotated or corn-on-corn acres.

·3899VT2P 96 RM / 4099SS 99 RM – These tall, racehorse hybrids offer excellent seedling vigor, comprehensive disease packages, and above-average stalk strength and test weight. High Goss’s wilt and heat tolerance. Well suited for the western Corn Belt.

·6265SS 113 RM / 6265VT2P 112 RM – Tied for top yield in 2012 Answer Plot¨ trials. The new male is a combination of 6125 and 6926 males, with a semi-fixed ear, improved stalks and roots, and excellent overall plant health.

·8621VT2P 117 RM – Excellent silage hybrid from California to the Texas High Plains and grain hybrid in the mid-south. Placed first for yield in 120 relative maturity trials and second in 115 2012 Answer Plot¨ relative maturity trials. Flowers early and offers improved stalks, roots and test weight compared to 851RR.