Senate panel shoots down overweight truck legislation

Farm Forum

PIERRE – Lobbyists involved in South Dakota’s grain industry completed a silent kill on Jan. 17, working behind the scenes to block the Daugaard administration’s legislation to crack down on overweight grain trucks.

Not a word of testimony was taken by the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources before its chairman, Sen. Shantel Krebs, R-Renner, accepted a motion to set SB 40 aside.

Krebs told the state government lobbyists in the room they should work more closely with the agriculture sector in the future.

The legislation would have required grain elevators to keep a record of every delivery and retain each record for at least one year, so that law enforcement officers could inspect them for evidence of overweight trucks.

The elevators would have been forced to collect the time and date of delivery, the truck’s gross and net weights, the license plate number or other identifying number of the truck and including the trailer, the number of axles, and the names of the owner and operator.

Anyone who didn’t accurately record the information would have faced a Class 1 misdemeanor, and the fine for being overweight would have been 30 cents per pound up to a maximum of $12,000.

The legislation was introduced by the Senate Transportation Committee, chaired by Sen. Mike Vehle, R-Mitchell, on behalf of the state Department of Public Safety. The legislation was shifted to the Senate ag committee for its disposal.