Nutrient Removal App named one of top 10 new products of 2012

Farm Forum

Plymouth, Minn. – The Mosaic Company’s Nutrient Removal App was selected by AgProfessional editors as one of the 10 best and most innovative products introduced by the industry in 2012.

Since its debut in January 2012, the Nutrient Removal App has been downloaded over 6,500 times by farmers and retailers. Utilizing many years of agronomic research, the app creates a new way to access the data in the Mosaic “Balanced Crop Nutrition” guide at the touch of a button. Results can be stored as a profile, and emailed to advisors to aid decision-making in input planning.

To support the need for farmers to boost yields to feed a growing world population, the app provides nutrient removal data by yield for 36 different crops, informing farmers so they can make better input decisions and push past today’s yield barriers.

“When crop yields increase, if fertilizer is not increased to meet the crop’s nutrient needs, plants turn to the soil’s nutrient bank,” says Kyle Freeman, Ph.D., manager of new-product development at The Mosaic Company. “Keeping that soil nutrient bank healthy is crucial for not just the crop in the ground, but the crops to come in following years.”

The International Plant Nutrition Institute notes that up to 60 percent of yield can be attributed to the 4R’s: using the right source of fertilizer, at the right rate, in the right place and at the right time. Staying ahead of the curve on soil fertility can make the difference between a good growing year and a great growing year for farmers, and the Nutrient Removal App helps farmers stay on track.

AgProfessional editors chose the top 10 new products of 2012 based on their innovative support for the industry and how useful they are for agricultural retailers, crop consultants and farm managers in their businesses and as they advise clients.

“The data that the Nutrient Removal App provides can be the foundation and the starting point for fertilizer recommendations,” says Dr. Freeman. “Mosaic is also studying the interaction between macro and micronuturients as they support a high-yield cropping system.”

The Nutrient Removal App is free and available on Apple and Android operating platforms. Once downloaded, the app can be used without Internet service.