Women’s Farm and Forestry Alliance gathering in St. Paul March 11-12

Farm Forum

WASHINGTON, DC – If you are a woman involved in farming, ranching or forestry, you won’t want to miss the inaugural gathering of the Women’s Farm and Forestry Alliance on March 11-12 at the Saint Paul Hotel in St. Paul, MN. Here’s your chance to listen and learn from dynamic female leaders, provide input on the web-based skills training on financial management and leadership skills, and best of all, build new relationships.

“Women often serve as the ‘glue’ that keeps operations intact during good times and bad,” said Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, General Counsel to Raven Industries and former Member of Congress from South Dakota. “But it’s not always easy to do it alone or without the types of training that can help you thrive. Here’s a great chance to update your skills and meet other incredibly talented women of all ages.”

Now more than ever, women have the opportunity to step forward in new ways to strengthen the financial life of their operations, prepare for future business challenges, and assume new leadership roles. It’s vital that we communicate in new ways about the importance of agriculture and forestry in order to reach consumers, as well as future generations.

The mission of the Women’s Farm and Forestry Alliance is to build strong women leaders, strong networks, and an even stronger agriculture and forestry sector by ensuring that women have access to the highest level financial and business management training along with an embedded leadership training program.

To register and find more information, visit the website at or call 202-328-5048.