Igenity and Angus Genetics Inc. announce enhanced value to breed-specific DNA profile

Farm Forum

Igenity, a Neogen Corporation Company, and Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) announce a significant cost reduction to the Igenity Profile for Angus, a leading DNA profile for registered Angus cattle producers in the industry.

The Igenity Profile for Angus is now available to American Angus Association members and clients at a new rate of $47 per test. Additionally, AGI, a subsidiary of the Association, is offering members the opportunity to combine the Igenity Profile for Angus with SNP-based parentage at a new price of $59.

“Due to increases in laboratory efficiencies, advances in genomic technology, and upcoming new products, Neogen is pleased to provide additional economic value to American Angus Association members,” says Dr. Jason Lilly, vice president of corporate development for Neogen. “This price adjustment provides Angus seedstock breeders with a cost-effective, high-value alternative for genomic prediction plus parentage.”

AGI and Neogen have collaborated in the development and implementation of genomic technology for the benefit of Angus breeders. Genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs), generated by AGI, were launched for Angus cattle in September 2009 incorporating the first Igenity Profile results.

“From the first version of the comprehensive Igenity Profile, to the upgrade to the Igenity Profile for Angus launched in January 2010, as well as the industry-leading adoption of SNP parentage for breed registration in 2010, AGI and Igenity have partnered in the development of novel technology for the benefit of the Angus breed,” says Bill Bowman, AGI president and Association chief operating officer. “With this recent announcement, AGI, through its relationship with Neogen, GeneSeek, and Igenity, is able to deliver the proven power of the Igenity Profile for Angus, with or without SNP parentage, at a tremendous value.”

Over the past five years, it has been exciting to work with AGI in the delivery of genomic technologies, explains Dr. Lilly. “The recent price adjustment for the widely-adopted Igenity Profile for Angus represents our commitment to provide the best products – and value – to AGI customers. Today, Angus members have even more reason to harness the power of the Igenity Profile to advance their breeding objectives. Looking forward, we are also excited to be working with AGI on the development of new tools for Angus producers based on the GeneSeek Genomic Profiler Bovine HDTM.”

For more information about Igenity, contact your Igenity sales representative, call (877) 443-6489 or visit http://www.igenity.com/beef. For more information about the American Angus Association, contact an Angus regional manager or call (816) 383-5100.