Northern Crops Institute announces 2013 short course schedule

Farm Forum

Pasta Production and Technology

April 16-18, 2013

Fee: $900

This course provides fundamental and applied aspects of manufacturing extruded and sheeted pasta products. Raw material quality criteria, specifications, and processing variables and their impact on final pasta product quality are presented in detail. Lectures are supplemented with pilot-scale processing of traditional extruded pasta products. Quality tests employed in the evaluation of raw materials (wheat, semolina, flour) and finished products are also demonstrated. Participants will do hands-on pilot-scale pasta processing. Registration Deadline: April 1, 2013

Advanced Grain Procurement Strategies

May 6-10, 2013

Fee: $1,100

The Advanced Grain Procurement Strategies Short Course is designed to address risk management tools and marketing strategies that assist buyers in competing in the international grain business. Participants will learn advanced techniques in commodity merchandising through lectures by authorities on futures market theory led by Dr. William Wilson, an expert in commodity futures trading and consultant to the international grain and food processing industries, and interaction with U.S. grain merchandisers who have years of practical experience in the international grain business. Registration Deadline: April 22, 2013

Durum Wheat Milling

May 21-24, 2013

Fee: $850

This course will familiarize participants with durum wheat and provide a technical overview of durum milling. Differences between bread wheat and durum wheat milling and similarities between farina and semolina production are emphasized. Subject matter meets the needs of newcomers to the durum industry as well as those with years of other types of milling experience. The intent is to increase the miller’s insight into milling performance and semolina quality. This course is co-sponsored by NCI and the International Grains Program (IGP). Registration Deadline: May 6, 2013

Rheology of Wheat and Flour Quality

June 11-13, 2013

Fee: $750

The Rheology of Wheat and Flour Quality short course will focus on wheat quality and how to analyze, interpret, and apply rheological results effectively. This course covers all aspects of wheat quality from kernel quality, milling, rheology analysis, and baking evaluation. Participants will gain extensive hands-on experience on each rheological instrument (farinograph, extensigraph, alveograph, Mixolab, RVA, and others). The course is highly recommended for quality control/assurance and research and development personnel. Registration Deadline: May 28, 2013

Grain Procurement Management for Importers

Sept. 16-25, 2013

Fee: $1,400

This eight-day course focuses on the mechanics of grain merchandising and is designed to educate individuals who are responsible for purchasing grain. Academic and commodity trade authorities lecture on cash and futures markets. Grain merchandisers guide you through the full complexity of the international grain markets. Seminars are presented by grain merchandisers at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. Participants receive a CD containing an outline of each presentation and other printed materials for future reference. The class also has on-site visits to a country elevator, an export grain terminal, and a barge facility. Registration Deadline: August 26, 2013

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