Novus advances “open innovation” with successful beef industry event

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ST. LOUIS /PRNewswire/ — To expand innovation practices by reaching out to others, Novus International, Inc., recently hosted its Global Beef Roundtable in the western United States. The meeting brought together more than 20 beef industry representatives from the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Australia for networking, discussion and discovery.

“We don’t want to restrict where good ideas come from, even if they are from outside our walls,” said Jim Gerardot, Novus Executive Director, Global Marketing. “We recognize the value in perspectives outside Novus, and in the spirit of ‘open innovation’ we want to affiliate ourselves with others who are knowledgeable about the businesses we want to grow in.”

The term “open innovation” was promoted by Henry Chesbrough, Executive Director for the Center for Open Innovation at the University of California-Berkeley, in his book Open Innovation: The new imperative for creating and profiting from technology.

Stephanie Gable, Global Ruminant Marketing Manager for Novus, managed the Global Beef Roundtable and said it was a good opportunity to connect with other companies about the shared goal of moving the beef industry forward. Novus customers, prospective customers, as well as industry leaders, engaged in discussions about market needs and future opportunities for the industry.

“The best way to meet our customers’ expectations is to get close to them, listen and better understand their needs,” Gable said. “The meeting offered an opportunity to learn from each other and for us to approach our product development process starting with what the market needs.”

Part of the Novus value proposition includes animal nutrition products that offer enhanced performance, improved animal health and increased profitability for producers. “We’re excited to collaborate with our customers to discover good ideas and bring nutrition solutions, services and sustainability to the industries we are committed to including poultry, pork and cattle,” stated Grace Arhancet, Director of Innovation at Novus. “We’re changing how we approach product and solution development, and we’re taking advantage of both internal and external innovative ideas.”

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