Youth recognized during livestock judging at Sioux Empire Show

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Brookings – Congratulations to 145 individuals and 43 teams that competed in this year’s Junior Livestock Judging Contest at the Sioux Empire Farm Show held on Jan. 26.

This contest kicked off the 2013 judging year for 4-H and FFA teams from South Dakota and neighboring states to practice judging high quality livestock. Special thanks to local 4-H volunteers and the South Dakota State University Collegiate Livestock Judging team for assisting with officials and organizing the contest.

Participants utilized their evaluation skills in placing beef, sheep, goat and swine classes. The top 10 individuals and top 10 teams received awards courtesy of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

The top 10 teams recognized were: first place Plymouth County 4-H, Iowa; second place, Victory Booster 4-H, South Dakota; third place, Hamlin/Kingsbury County 4-H, South Dakota; fourth place, Lincoln Loggers 4-H, Iowa; fifth place, Sioux Valley FFA, South Dakota; sixth place, Turner County 4-H, South Dakota; seventh place, Lemars FFA 2, Iowa; eighth place, Harris-Lake Park FFA, Iowa; ninth place, Nobles County 4-H, Minnesota; and tenth place, Luverne-Adrian FFA, Minnesota.

The top 10 individuals were as followed: first place, Halley Becking, Desmet, South Dakota; second place, Martina Albrecht, Hamlin/Kingsbury 4-H, South Dakota; third place, Elijah Ihnen, Harris-Lake Park FFA, Iowa; fourth place, Maddy Plucker, Lennox, South Dakota; fifth place, Scott Schroeder, Plymouth County 4-H, Iowa; sixth place, Andrew Berry, Pipestone, Minnesota; seventh place, Derek Ten Napel, Plymouth County 4-H, Iowa; eighth place, Denton Ohlrichs, Plymouth County 4-H, Iowa; ninth place, Michael Anderson, Victory Boosters 4-H, South Dakota; and tenth place, Dominick Foley Akron-Westfield FFA, Iowa.

Participation in livestock judging is an excellent way to strengthen youth’s knowledge of the livestock industry and further develop decision making and communication skills by working with a team in a competitive environment. To learn more about how to become involved, contact your local 4-H Youth Program Advisor or FFA Advisor. South Dakota is host to a variety of livestock judging schools and contests, visit for upcoming livestock events.