Beef plant trip nets no new employees

Farm Forum

A Northern Beef Packers trip to Plainview, Texas, to interview laid off workers from a Cargill beef processing plant which closed on Feb. 1 failed to attract any new employees to Aberdeen, said Laure Swanson, marketing and public relations director.

“The Texas trip did not have any immediate results,” she said. “Cargill is continuing to compensate its employees until mid-March and there are efforts to try to re-open the plant. The (U.S.) Department of Agriculture and the local economic development groups are working with Cargill to see if there can be a resumption of business.”

The Plainview plant closed because of a lack of cattle in the area due to the drought, Cargill officials said. Industry analysts have said that there is currently excess slaughter capacity in the industry and that it was likely one of the plants in the southern part of the U.S., where cattle numbers have dropped, would have to close.

“While we did not get any new hires, we passed out information, including our website address where they can apply for a job,” Swanson said. “There may be some results later. We will just have to see.”