Poultry Crawl to feature delicious dishes at top Sioux Falls restaurants

Farm Forum

SIOUX FALLS – South Dakota food lovers will have a unique opportunity on February 25th. Not only will they be able to sample delicious poultry dishes at a few of Sioux Falls’ top restaurants, they’ll also be dining with the farmers who made the meal possible.

The First Annual Poultry Crawl is set for February 25th in Sioux Falls. The Poultry Crawl is a progressive dinner where participants will enjoy a poultry appetizer, entrŽe and dessert at East Bank downtown restaurants K’s, Sanaa’s and Josiah’s.

Throughout the evening, area poultry producers will be mingling amongst guests and answering questions about their farms and today’s poultry production. The Poultry Crawl is designed to acquaint poultry consumers with local poultry farmers and encourage consumers to eat poultry while dining out.

Last year South Dakota Farm Families hosted a similar event with South Dakota pork farmers and pork consumers called the “Pork Crawl.” “After the success of last year’s “Pork Crawl” we thought it would be unique to add another venue to meet other South Dakota farmers. We see the “Poultry Crawl” as another opportunity for South Dakota foodies to meet those who grow our food and ask questions about today’s poultry and egg farming.” said Kelly Nelson, Ag United Outreach Director. “Many consumers are not only interested in eating tasty food, but also learning where there food comes from.”

The Poultry Crawl will start at K’s at 6:00 pm. Tickets are $25 per person and must be purchased by February 18th. For more information or to sign up, visit http://www.agunited.org you can also contact Kelly Nelson at Ag United for South Dakota at (605) 336-3622 or Kelly@agunited.org.

The Poultry Crawl is made possible by Agriculture United for South Dakota and the South Dakota Poultry Industries Association.