CHS projects total $50 million

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CHS Inc. of St. Paul on March 1 announced it will spend a total of $50 million on several projects in northeast North Dakota and northwest Minnesota, including a grain terminal and shuttle train loader in Langdon, N.D., and a fertilizer depot in Erskine, Minn.

A CHS official who declined to be identified by name says the Langdon facility will handle up to 120-car trains and will have 1.04 million bushels of grain storage, but declined to say what the construction price is. The new elevator will handle primarily spring wheat, but also soybeans, corn and canola. It will have Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway access.

CHS had acquired a total of about 80 acres of property south and east of Langdon last October, according to Cavalier County records and one of the three land sellers. The property is about half a mile southeast of an existing CHS elevator in Langdon and CHS describes it as a “greenfield,” or new site.

CHS is also building a greenfield fertilizer hub plant in Erskine, Minn.

Lani Jordan, a director of corporate communication, declined to offer cost details on any of the projects, but acknowledged the shuttle loading elevator in Langdon would be the largest investment among them. She says the combined projects are “fairly significant,” recognize the importance of that area, and that they help that trade territory by giving it “better access for the marketplace on fertilizer coming in and grain going out.”

Projects will start as early as May and will take about a year to complete, Jordan says. CHS (formerly Cenex Harvest States) is a Fortune 100 company with international operations in energy, grains and foods.

Among other CHS projects on the list for the region:

· Expansion of an existing shuttle loader in Calvin, N.D. That site will add 435,000 bushels of storage, putting the total at 700,000 bushels.

· Expansions of fertilizer handling facilities in Crookston, Minn., and Larimore, N.D.

· Enhancements to existing grain handling operations in Warren, Minn., and Drayton, N.D.