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Picking out tag colors may be the last thing on a producers mind during calving season. But using identification that is easily recognized becomes increasingly important as the herd welcomes new members. Shirley Williams of Fair Oaks Farm, Fort Smith, Ark., says color was one of her main priorities when she bought tags for their calf crop.

“I was so close to ordering red tags for the Arkansas Razorbacks,” Williams says. “But you can read a bright-colored tag better from a distance, so we went with orange.”

Williams purchased tags online through the American Angus Association’s Tag Store, The interactive website offers Destron Fearing visual tags in a number of colors and sizes. Recently, the store introduced a neon green color to the lineup.

“With the interactive website I was able to print specific information on the tags,” Williams says. “It was simple, and I received a free proof before I paid.”

On the ear tags, she included the Fair Oaks Farm logo, animal’s birth date, sire name, animal identification number and maternal grandsire. Producers who wish to build a number of different tags can use step-by-step directions to upload information using a spreadsheet template.

“This system makes identification and record keeping simple for you and your customer,” says Ginette Kurtz, AngusSource quality manager. “And the prices are unbeatable.”

Kurtz says in most cases, logos, text on the back of the tag, and/or on the tag stud can be printed for less than 25 cents. Large visual tags cost $1.24. All tags are manufactured within three to five business days and shipped directly to the producer; flat rate shipping charges apply.

The Tag Store also offers accessories below retail price, including applicators, markers and knives. New to the Tag Store are the Allflex Repeater Syringes. The syringes, available in 25cc and 50cc, accurately deliver a preselected dose of medication, plus a special locking mechanism to prevent air or contaminants from entering the syringe.

Also take a look at the Large Panel Stud that can be used with all the Destron visual panel tags in place of the small round stud. Large Panel Stud can be customized with a management number or a logo for an additional cost.

Visit to browse a variety of tag options, applicators, accessories and other affordable products.