Compete beyond the ring during 2013 NJAS

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Cattle show season is right around the corner, and the 2013 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) in Kansas City, Mo., is sure to be a highlight for many. But before the summer heat wave hits and the school year ends, National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) members can begin to compete in the NJAS. In fact, junior members who cannot make the trip to Kansas City this summer can also participate through mail-in entry competitions.

“The NJAS is an event that goes far beyond the showring,” says Robin Ruff, junior activities director for the American Angus Association¨. “With more than a dozen educational contests, the NJAS is an opportunity for juniors to showcase their skills in several areas, which allows them to grow into the future of the Angus breed.”

The photography contest is to help NJAA members increase their communication skills through the creative display of a message or feeling through a camera lens. The winning photos will be placed in the September issue of the Angus Journal.

A graphic design contest is held to provide fun while sharing ideas that may be useful in promotion of the Angus breed. Members are able to use computer technology to design materials.

The purpose of the writing contest is to encourage the enhancement of written communication skills and to allow junior Angus members another chance to compete prior to the NJAS. Entries should be informative, and if appropriate, entertaining. If space permits, winning entries will be published in the Angus Journal. Topics for each division can be found online.

The video contest encourages the enhancement of visual communication skills and to allow junior Angus members another chance to compete prior to the NJAS. The contest is designed to reward those for their creativity and originality. This year’s topic is to produce a commercial that promotes the NJAA.

All contest entries are displayed during the NJAS.

“Don’t have a show heifer? No problem,” Ruff says. “There is something for junior Angus members everywhere, before and during the NJAS.”

Entries must be postmarked by May 15 and sent to the Association’s Junior Activities Department, 3201 Frederick Ave., Saint Joseph, MO 64506. Details are available at or contact the Junior Activities Department at 816-383-5100.