Last week’s storms amount to 2 to 3 inches in moisture

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BROOKINGS – Last week’s spring storm brought welcome moisture to the entire state, which certainly will be a positive step toward drought relief. SDSU Extension Climate Field Specialist, Laura Edwards reports snow totals of 20 to 25 inches or more from Rapid City towards Pine Ridge.

“Snowfall totals are in the teens around Pierre to Winner and over to about Miller, that central part of the state. Up in Aberdeen there’s about 6-inches of snow which fell primarily Wednesday night and Thursday,” Edwards said. “The Sioux Falls area received about 8-inches of snow.”

Edwards says the moisture equivalent of this storm is projected at approximately 3-inches in the southeast corner of the state. The 20-to 25-inch snows in the southwest should amount to 2-inches or more of moisture. Lesser amounts of moisture fell to the north.

Soil temperatures were mostly above freezing except for northeastern parts of the state, which will allow for moisture to enter the soil profile.

While the moisture has been helpful, Edwards reports the storm has been challenging for livestock producers in the midst of calving and lambing. The Aberdeen national weather service offers a resource on its website called the cold advisory for newborn livestock, view at

“They have an indicator there that combines wind chill, temperature and moisture. They put that all together as a watch or warning alert system for newborn livestock,” she said.

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