May is Weed Awareness Month in S.D.

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PIERRE – Gov. Dennis Daugaard has signed a proclamation naming May as Weed Awareness Month in South Dakota.

South Dakota farmers and ranchers are good stewards of public and private lands throughout the state. Our land and natural resources are a part of the South Dakota lifestyle, and much of South Dakota’s economy is based on agriculture, recreation and tourism.

Noxious weeds are known to take over habitats with an adverse impact on crop and forage production, as well as the environment. In South Dakota, invasive weeds such as leafy spurge, Canada thistle, absinth wormwood and purple loosestrife are presently invading agricultural and wild lands.

Infestations of noxious weeds result in significant decreases in biodiversity. The invasion of habitat by noxious weeds is one of the primary reasons cited for endangerment of threatened and endangered species.

Noxious weeds infest 3,340,883 acres of South Dakota’s pastures, cropland and wild areas; every infested acre means lost money and more costs to agricultural producers.

Knowing negative impacts will encourage and enhance proper care of the land. Without the support of our citizens, we will lose the use and enjoyment of the lands of our state.

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