SGS Brookings offers scrapie testing for sheep

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SGS Brookings announced the testing capability for scrapie susceptibility in sheep. As the lambing season comes to a close, SGS can assist producers in making selection decisions for upcoming lamb sales, shows, and fall breeding season.

Scrapie is a fatal degenerative disease that affects the central nervous system in sheep and can be passed from sheep to sheep. Positive diagnosis of scrapie can result in a flock being quarantined and animals destroyed. Fortunately, sheep can have genetic resistance to scrapie that can be detected with a simple and inexpensive DNA test. By using DNA testing, it is possible and practical for a breeder to select and breed scrapie resistant animals. Buyers can also be assured that they are buying scrapie resistant sheep. SGS Brookings is now capable of performing this DNA test for producers through submission of a tissue sample. SGS accepts a variety of DNA sample types, including blood tubes, blood cards, ear punches and hair samples. SGS offers quick turnaround times with results that can quickly be emailed.

SGS offers a broad range of customized analyses for the livestock industry including grain, soil, pesticide residue, mycotoxins, and microbiological testing. Laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited.

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