Livestock forums create conversation

Farm Forum

PIERRE – The South Dakota Department of Agriculture (SDDA) and South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension Service held forums across the state from January through March to explain South Dakota’s vision for livestock production.

“The conversation about the challenges and advantages South Dakota has to increase the number of livestock in our state was very successful,” said South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch. “We are looking forward to helping South Dakota’s forward-thinking entrepreneurs who understand the exciting potential of today’s agri-business marketplace.”

SDDA and SDSU spoke with more than 1,500 producers at the forums. As a result of those discussions, producers helped identify the following points, in no particular order:

1. Competition for land resources (grazing/haying vs. crop alternatives)

2. Transition to the next generation focus

3. Energy resources and increasing costs of production

4. Education – What can education and research do

5. Federal issues

6. Need for more processing facilities

7. Unifying agriculture in South Dakota

SDDA and SDSU are currently working on formatting a report to accommodate the seven points. If you need more information or have any suggestions, please contact Sarah Caslin, SDDA Division of Agricultural Development, at 605-773-5436 or visit