NDSA hosts feedlot tour in central North Dakota

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The NDSA’s 2013 Feedlot Tour is June 18 and features four feeding facilities in central North Dakota. The NDSA will provide bus transportation to and from the facilities.

The bus will depart from the Bismarck K-mart parking lot at 8 a.m. and return at approximately 6 p.m.

The first stop of the NDSA’s 2013 Feedlot Tour is Kline Simmental Ranch near Hurdsfield. The ranch is home to Monte and Terri Kline. Kline’s son, Matt, his wife Emily and their son Eddy, are also partners in the multi-generation operation that, in addition to purebred Simmental cattle, offers custom-feeding and heifer development feeding arrangements.

The Kline feedlot was permitted in 2010 for 999 head and features large pen spaces, concrete curb feeding system, rubber tire waterers and south-facing slopes. The Klines also built working facilities with a double alley and a Bud-box for low-stress cattle handling.

Dockter Land & Cattle of Denhoff is the next stop of the 2013 tour. Scott and Lisa Dockter recently completed an expansion of the Dockter’s existing backgrounding and custom-feeding facility, which was originally permitted in 2000 and then expanded in 2012 for 999 head. This facility features concrete bunks, continuous fence, super steel windbreaks and rubber tire water tanks.

From Dockter’s, the tour heads to Harvey to tour the Raugust Whitetail Ranch. Cody and Hugh Raugust relocated their 400-head permitted feedlot in 2010 for improved backgrounding and calving purposes. The facility features custom-built feedlot fence, poured-in-place concrete bunks, concrete waterers and an indoor working facility.

After lunch at the Raugusts, the tour will travel to the Heitman Feedlot near Harvey, where Luke Heitman relocated his 990-head permitted feedlot in 2012. This stop features custom-built feedlot fence, poured-in-place concrete bunks and concrete waterers, portable windbreaks and a double-alley working facility with hydraulic chute. Heitman uses the feedlot for backgrounding and calving.

Pre-registration is not required, but appreciated, so that staff can plan enough meals and bus seating. The cost to participate is $10 per person. To pre-register, contact NDSA Environmental Services Director Scott Ressler at 701-223-2522 or e-mail