U of M Extension Ag Lender Update sessions to address farmer and lender concerns

Farm Forum

ST. PAUL, Minn. – University of Minnesota Extension will hold an Ag Lender conferences in Moorhead on May 29 to address concerns about farm profitability during times of high market volatility.

Topics include planning for profit and why a written plan is such a valuable tool. The session will also address producer concerns regarding defending their land base, ideas for negotiating land rent contracts, and tips for success.

Ag lenders attending the Moorhead conference on May 29 will not only receive the marketing update and land rent negotiation information, but they will learn about the economics of adding tile drainage on rented land, and also hear about some ideas for farm transition, such as machinery sharing and transfer.

For additional information, contact Bill Craig, Extension educator, at (218) 281-8692 or email