4-H Consumer Decision Making Judging School held in Bowdle

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The first Consumer Decision Making Judging School was held at the Bowdle School Lunchroom on Tuesday, May 21. Members judged classes in the areas of nutrition, clothing and textiles, entertainment and leisure, personal finance and personal care.

The areas were just revamped this year to reflect more true to life decision making skills. New Edmunds County Extension Educator, Jenna Malsom, said, “This is more realistic and gives kids an opportunity to practice independent shopping skills that they will soon use in everyday life.”

Some of the classes had the members picking the best lotion, sunscreen, cell phone plan, energy drink and lightbulbs. They also analyzed four local photo developing studios for the best value, clarity, color and time to print pictures.

The event was hosted by the Busy Bowdle Stars 4-H Club under the direction of Leader Alene Eisenbeisz and Club Members Kaitlyn Sandmeier, and Payton Eisenbeisz. Members judging were Claire and Emma Beyers, Bryce Beitelspacher, Payton Eisenbeisz, Alex Preszler, Erin Tillet, and Hannah Toennies.

This school along with one more judging school’s scores will determine who will compete at the State Fair. Bonnie Nehlich, Edmunds County 4-H Assistant said, “We are able to take 2 Beginning teams of 4, 2 Junior teams of 4 and 1 Senior team of 4.”

Top scores of the first school were Emma Beyers, Beginner, 250; Payton Eisenbeisz, Junior, 291; and Alex Preszler, Senior, 280. Top scorers of the second school were Bryce Beitelspacher, Beginner, 272; Erin Tillet, Junior, 274; and Alex Preszler, Senior, 274.

The next school will be June 5 at 1 p.m. at the 4-H building and is sponsored by the Wily Wizard Club.