South Dakota Stockgrowers applaud COOL ruling

Farm Forum

South Dakota Stockgrowers Association is pleased with the USDA announcement of the final amended rule to Country of Origin Labeling and applauds USDA’s effort to address concerns over the rules with our trading partners in Canada and Mexico. The new rule clarifies the United States labeling process for beef, poultry and pork while maintaining the integrity of Country of Origin Labeling on the grocery store shelf.

Stockgrowers Marketing Committee Chairman, Vaughn Meyer made the following statement regarding the new COOL rule:

“This week the USDA issued amended COOL rules bringing the United States into compliance with the long standing WTO complaint filed by Mexico and Canada. These new rules, which defend our right to proudly display our produce, are a win for livestock producers and family agriculture in the United States. The support for U.S. agriculture through these new modified COOL rules is a positive step toward reversing the past trends of declining family farms within our beef industry. These revamped rules will support our beef industry through greater consumer awareness of all levels of production and the demand for our superior quality product. These new compliance standards for COOL also maintain producer efforts to label their production and instills both family and industry pride of raising a safe and wholesome product.”

“Labeling agriculture products is a win for produces and strengthens our consumers’ choices as to the origin, growth and harvest of beef whether of domestic or imported origin. Additionally USDA support for U.S. COOL among the WTO sends a strong message of protection for U.S. sovereignty as endeared to all U.S. citizens through the visions of our fore fathers and protected by our veterans.”

“South Dakota Stockgrowers are extremely pleased with the support and defense for COOL by both the USDA and Senator Tim Johnson. Their efforts help to preserve the livelihoods of farmers and ranchers by strengthening COOL insures our nation’s food supply and maintains the sovereignty and patriotic pride of United States citizens.”

Vaughn Meyer ranches near Reva, S.D., raising purebred Angus Beef cattle with his son on their multi-generation, family operation. He serves as Chair of the S.D. Stockgrowers Association Marketing Committee.