Rabbit Fun Day in Bowdle

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4-H Members from Edmunds, Campbell, and Walworth Counties participated in a Rabbit Fun Day held at the Bowdle City Park on June 13. Mike Hassebroek of Aberdeen discussed nutrition, proper handling, showmanship, and the different breeds of rabbits. There were two short videos shown that also illustrated nutrition and the step by step process of handling a rabbit for showmanship. There is great detail when showing a rabbit, especially for showmanship. Besides making sure the rabbit is picked up and carried properly, the showman also has to show the judge how to check the ears, feet, toe nails, fur, under body, tail, nose, mouth, and eyes on the rabbit.

It is important for the 4-H members to be handling and practicing with their rabbits. Then at the county achievement days their rabbit will be used to all the poses and handling that is required in the showmanship class. Besides all the different poses of the rabbit, the 4-H members also have to share knowledge about their rabbit. Examples are telling the judge what breed the rabbit is, if it is a male or female, and what they feed their rabbit. There are 47 breeds or rabbits that are currently recognized by The American Rabbit Breeders Association.

4-H members that participated were;

· Edmunds County: Erin Tillett, Grant Weisser, Katie Preszler, Nathan Preszler, and Alex Preszler

· Campbell County: Addison Salveson, Owen Salveson, and Carley Gregg

· Walworth County: Ava Schanzenbach, Olivia Schanzenbach, Jordyn Schock, and Grace Walz