Noxious weed resources

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Noxious weed are problems for landowners and farmers regardless of what the year is like. Nearly 1.9 million acres of statewide noxious weeds were reported in 2012. Statewide losses from them exceed $140 million annually.

Noxious weeds are characterized by their ability to spread rapidly and are not controlled by normal management practices. They are perennial plants that can reproduce by seed and root. Noxious weed are also not native.

The statewide noxious list includes: Canada thistle, leafy spurge, perennial sow thistle, hoary cress, salt cedar, purple loosestrife, and Russian knapweed. Counties can also add up to eight local declared noxious weeds from a list approved by the South Dakota Weed and Pest Commission.

SDSU Extension offers information to aid in the fight against these troublesome invaders. Research and publications can provide control strategies for the coming season.

Two particular publications are available to help identify and develop control plans:

· Colored photographs and other resources to help in identification and management can be found online at the SDSU Noxious and Invasive Weeds Gallery website (


· The most current publication is 2013 Weed Control – Noxious Weeds, which is available for download on iGrow ( It features information on different control methods such as mechanical, biological, and herbicides. It offers information specific to each weed of concern.

Hard copies of each publication may be accessed through the eight Regional Extension Centers. It is also available by contacting the SDSU Extension Weed program at (605) 688-4595 in Brookings, S.D.