Supporters donate over $20,000 to R-CALF USA

Farm Forum

Ft. Pierre – Longtime R-CALF USA members Dean and Delia Johnson of Fairburn, S.D., recently donated a calf for an R-CALF USA rollover sale. The final amount raised for the one-day event was $21,300. All proceeds from this event will go directly to helping protect the rights of U.S. independent cattle producers.

The sale was hosted by Ft. Pierre Livestock Auction in Ft. Pierre. Ft. Pierre Livestock hosts numerous fundraisers and meetings for R-CALF USA each year.

Bryan Hanson, co-owner of Ft. Pierre Livestock and R-CALF USA Vice President and Region III Director, said, “R-CALF USA not only gives ranchers a voice, but keeps them informed of the many issues facing our industry.”

Dean and Delia Johnson said they support R-CALF USA “because we know for the cattle industry to have any hope of survival we had to have a national voice, one that was heard and respected on Capitol Hill. We found that in R-CALF USA.

“We decided if we donated a calf every year when we sold we might be able to help out just a little. It doesn’t seem like much, but maybe it encourages others to take part in supporting the organization as well.”

They continued, “And hearing the sale barn talk about the sale just puts R-CALF on the front burner so to speak, keeps people thinking about R-CALF, the battles we are fighting and the ones we’ve won. As an industry we did not get in this position overnight and we won’t fix it overnight. We just need to hang in there.”