National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference

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OMAHA, Neb. – Junior Shorthorn enthusiasts from 24 states competed in the 2013 National Junior Shorthorn Show & Conference in Des Moines, Iowa during the week of June 24, through June 29. These juniors not only competed with their animals, but had the opportunity to compete in individual, team, or state contests including: Arts & Crafts, Photography, Promotional Poster, Speech, Quiz Bowl, Livestock Judging, Showmanship, Team Salesmanship, Team Fitting, Beef Cook-Off, State Herdsmanship and State Basket.

“Besides the exhibition of a great set of Shorthorn cattle by the juniors, this event provides excellent educational and leadership opportunities for members, family and friends,” said Montie Soules, Executive Secretary of the American Shorthorn Association (ASA).

Showing their artistic talents were competitors in the Arts & Crafts Contest. Youth competed in four age divisions. The objective of the contest is to use ‘artistic’ skills, including painting, video, sculpture, music, etc. to promote the Shorthorn breed of cattle. The entries are judged based on craftsmanship, attention to detail, originality and creativity, the promotion of Shorthorns, the difficulty of the medium used, as well as the overall artistic appeal.

Intermediate age division, (13 – 16 years) was:

4: Samantha Schrag, Marion, S.D.

Competitors in the Promotional Poster/Graphic Design Contest sought out to gain your interest in the Shorthorn breed. Youth again competed in the four age divisions. The objective of the contest is to promote and/or inform about Shorthorns. The entries are judged based on eye-catching appeal, neatness of construction, clear message, clever verbiage, use of space, and the overall appeal of the poster.

Prospector II Division Poster

5: Morgan Small, St. Charles, Minn.

Exercising their public speaking skills were contestants in the Speech Contest. The objective of the contest is to give a prepared or extemporaneous speech based on the topic of Shorthorns or the cattle industry. The speeches are judged based on organizations, presentation, language usage, poise and eye contact, time and the quality of answer provided when the judges have the opportunity to ask questions.

In the Prospector II age division, (10-12 years old) was:

4: Jaxon Schrag, Marion, S.D.

Senior Extemporaneous Speech age division, (17 -21 years) was:

1: Tyler Pierson, Watertown, Minn.

Knowledge is power, and competitors in the Quiz Bowl Contest were testing just that. Youth competed in a new kind of skill test this year with a more interactive, team building way to test their knowledge. The objective of the contest is to test the knowledge youth have in the areas of agriculture, beef cattle, and Shorthorns. Teams of four consisting of two prospectors, an intermediate and a senior, tested their skills in buzzer round competition.

1: Minnesota I- Liz Jabs, St. Charles; Josh Collum, Austin; Conner Bollum, Austin; Tyler Pierson, Watertown

2: Iowa II-Wyatt Obrecht, Harlan; Alyssa Obrecht; Maggie Vogl, Adair; Ethan Gilman, Stuart

4: Minnesota II- Morgan Small, St. Charles; Emily Bollum, Austin; John Morrison, Belle Plaine, Kelly Morrison, Belle Plaine

One of the most competitive events of the week is the Team Fitting Contest. The objective of the contest is for each group of three to show their ability to fit and present an animal using teamwork, technique, and skills in a 20 minute time limit. Judging criteria is based on both fitting techniques, teamwork and end presentation.

Prospector division

1: Jaxon Schrag, Marion, S.D.; Xavier Ferris; Sara Sullivan

Senior division:

1: Riley Ruble, Alberta Lea, Minn.; Grady Ruble, Alberta Lea, Minn.; Joseph O’Sullivan, Maple Lake, Minn.

4: Patrick O’Sullivan, Maple Lake, Minn.; Collin Lyndorf, Monticello, Minn.; Christian Morris Raymond, Minn.

Having an eye for good quality cattle is a necessity in order to improve your breeding program and better your herd. During the Livestock Judging Contest, juniors sorted through a number of classes and answered a round of questions about the classes following the judging.

Prospector age division (10 -12 years) was:

4: Hilary Albrecht, Howard, S.D.

Intermediate age division, (13 – 16 years) was:

1: Connor Bollum, Austin, Minn.

5: Riley Johnson, Jackson, Minn.

Throughout the week as juniors exhibited their animals to the best of their ability and competed in individual contests such as photography, promotional poster, arts, speech, herdsman quiz and showmanship, and team contests such as beef cook-off, and team fitting contest and state contests of herdsmanship and basket. They accumulated points for participating and placing in these events. A grand total is compiled from these contests and then five High Point individuals are recognized based on their age divisions.

Intermediate age division, (13 – 16 years) was:

3: Samantha Schrag

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