Fall forage reporting deadline for FSA

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Producers of perennial forage crops for harvest (grass hay, alfalfa, mixed hay, and pasture) and fall seeded grains must submit a 2014 acreage report for those crops to their local Farm Service Agency office by Nov. 15, 2013. This reporting date first changed for 2013 and late file fees were waived for 2013 only due to the new reporting requirement. This Nov. 15 reporting date is the same date these crops would be reported to your crop insurance agent, if you have coverage for 2014, and is meant to reduce the reporting burden on producers. Producers without insurance coverage on these crops must also report by this date. Any changes to fall reported fields, such as deciding to plant an annual crop on a hay field or replanting failed winter wheat to a spring crop, can be reported in the spring with the rest of your spring crops. If you acquire additional forage acres after the reporting date, you have 30 days from the date of your new lease or purchase to timely report the acreage.

Some producers in Brown County have already reported their fall forage crops. If producers are not sure if they have reported or not they should call the office.

Also, producers who participated in the ACRE program for 2013 and have completed harvest are reminded to also provide our office with their 2013 crop production to satisfy the ACRE production reporting requirement. Deadline to report your 2013 ACRE production is July 15, 2014.