Minnesota online farm transitions portal

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Geared toward Minnesota farm families, landowners and those standing to inherit land, Renewing the Countryside and the Sustainable Farming Association have launched a new web portal that smooths the estate planning process.

The new website, http://www.FarmTransitions.org, condenses Minnesota farm transition options into an easy-to-navigate resource. Users can take a step-by-step approach to designing a transition strategy, peruse methods of estate planning, and find professionals to help guide them through the process – all on the http://www.FarmTransitions.org web portal.

The Farm Transitions nonprofit team – consisting of farmers and business professionals from Renewing the Countryside and Sustainable Farming Association – created the website after hearing from farm families intimidated by the estate planning process. For nearly two years, we’ve been meeting with farmers, landowners and those standing to inherit land at a series of workshops around Minnesota, as well as consulting with field experts and professionals like John Baker, a nationally renowned expert on farm transitions. Capitalizing on that accumulated knowledge, the portal creates a one-stop shop for folks eager to begin the process of planning for their farm’s future.

Another advantage to the portal is agility – the Farm Transitions team will update the website with fresh information, new contacts and updated event schedules. From our workshop series to the Farm Transitions newsletter to this new online portal, the Farm Transitions team is committed to taking a comprehensive approach to ensuring folks have resources that match their family’s values and goals. Plus, the portal includes resources from multiple organizations in Minnesota – Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, University of Minnesota Extension, Land Stewardship Project, International Farm Transitions Network, and Farmers Legal Action Group – so users can be assured they’re getting the best information from the most-respected experts.

And, as always, a transitions coach from RTC or SFA is available if you have questions. Visit http://www.FarmTransitions.org, and if you would like additional assistance in planning your farm’s future and assuring that your hard-earned assets are protected, please contact the Farm Transitions team at 612.910.7601 or info@rtcinfo.org.

The Farm Transitions project from RTC and SFA is made possible by a grant from the USDA Risk Management Agency.