Reduce sludge and crusting, improve manure value

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Sludge build up along with crusting reduces the capacity of deep pits and increases the need for pit agitation. Combined with an increase in flies and odors and the concerns with pit foaming, most pork producers are looking for a cost effective, dependable way to treat their pits. After several years of intense discovery, development and field applications, Bioverse Ag, of Worthington, Minn., has successfully adapted waste management programs to use the AgraSphere technology as a unique, cost-effective plan to activate, maintain and treat livestock waste systems.

All Bioverse Ag products have been developed with new microbial technology based on these sound scientific concepts:

1. Utilizes a unique combination of selected microbial and activation factors that effectively digest organic waste leading to improved waste liquefaction, nutrient retention and improved environments for animals and staff.

2. Reduces the use of chemicals and sanitizers that alter waste management programs.

3. Creates a cellular nutrient retention of organic nitrogen within the microbial isolates, thus increasing the nutrient value of animal waste.

4. Fast replication of selected bacteria improves the competitive advantage of good bacteria over unwanted bacteria.

5. With access to the patented and proven, 24/7 sustained microbial release technology for sludge degradation, improved liquefaction and remediation of waste.

When using the recommended waste treatment programs as instructed, Dr. Conrad Schmidt – CTO of Bioverse Inc. reports that producers are seeing a 15 to 20% increase in available nitrogen per 1,000 gallons of liquid manure compared to manure tests prior to implementing the Bioverse Ag treatment program in deep pit applications.

As bacteria begin to digest the solids, the microbes effectively use key components in the waste to retain and uptake cellular Nitrogen. This is saved in the microbes and is not expelled as Ammonia (Nitrogen loss). The other key nutrients can also be retained within the expanding numbers of Bioverse microbes. Thus, Bioverse has users constantly reporting improved N values after implementing the AgraSphere management program twice a year.

It is also interesting that a large integrator, working with Bioverse, decided to single-treat barns after several years of two treatments per year. The results verified to maintain optimum N values and product performance, twice a year treatments are needed to maximize value and to maintain the Bioverse foam prevention warranty.

Hubbard Feeds has many customers using the AgraSphere and Activator Plus products and the most consistent comments we receive are:

“The AgraSphere is a user- friendly method of application.”

“These products have helped reduce solids buildups, control insects, reduce crusting and odors.”

Waste Management products and programs from Bioverse Ag

While the AgraSphere and Activator Plus are two of the most well-known products, Bioverse Ag has developed a complete line of value-added waste management and insect prevention programs. These products are formulated to meet specific management needs and provide cost effective, value-added solutions.