SDSU Dairy Science faculty and alumni recognized at national meetings

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BROOKINGS – The 2013 joint annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) and the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) took place in Indianapolis, Ind. There was a record attendance of more than 3,700 participants from 50 countries around the world.

“Our faculty, staff, students and alumni truly continue to make strong impact to dairy science at an international level through their presentation and participation at this meeting,” said Vikram Mistry, Professor and Head of the Dairy Science Department at South Dakota State University. “Their work was recognized by peers from around the world.”

During the joint meetings several members of South Dakota State University faculty, students and alumni were recognized.

And, SDSU department personnel presented 34 research papers ranging in topics from dairy cattle nutrition to product processing methods and microbiology. The research work presented reflected the work of the past year supported by the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, dairy farmer checkoff funds and other external grants acquired by faculty members.

SDSU Faculty & Students recognized

Three faculty members; Kenneth Kalscheur, Sanjeev Anand and Lloyd Metzger were invited to serve as chairs of scientific presentation sessions in their areas of expertise; and Hasmukh Patel, Assistant Professor was awarded the ADSA Foundation Scholar award in recognition of his research excellence, Nuria Garcia-Fernandez, a doctorate student under the mentorship of Ashraf Hassan and Sanjeev Anand received the best graduate student dairy foods poster presentation award. Sanjeewa Ranathunga, doctorate student under Kenneth Kalscheur received third place award in the dairy production poster presentation. Alumnus Nagendra Shah, Professor of Food Science and Technology at the University of Hong Kong received the Distinguished Service award in recognition of his many years of service to the dairy industry. Kevin Herrick, who received his doctorate in Dairy Science from SDSU in 2012 under the guidance of Arnold Hippen and Kenneth Kalscheur, received the Alltech Inc., Graduate Student Paper Publication award. Another alumnus, Micheal Brouk, who received a doctorate in 1994 and is currently a Professor at Kansas State University, received the DuPont Pioneer Forage Award, and alumnus Maneesha Mohan, who received a masters in 2011 and is currently a doctorate candidate at the University of Tennessee received the best dairy foods research paper presentation award.

Other SDSU Dairy Science alumni, now employed at various institutions also presented research papers. Faculty members and alumni were also involved in serving ADSA and ASAS in operational functions including David Schingoethe, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, as Past President of ADSA, Vikram Mistry, Professor and Department Head, as trustee of ADSA Foundation Board, David Casper, Assistant Professor, as ASAS Foundation Chair, Ashraf Hassan, Associate Professor and Lloyd Metzger, Professor members of the editorial board of Journal Dairy Science; and Robert Roberts an alum and currently at Pennsylvania State University served as Past President of ADSA.

Several faculty members also served on ADSA and ASAS awards committees.