Dairy awards at the South Dakota State Fair

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On Aug.30 and 31 of the 2013 South Dakota State Fair, judge Kevin Eggink of Boyceville, Wisconsin evaluated 204 head of dairy cattle. The results of the five breed shows are as follows:

Milking Shorthorns

Champion Bull: Lands Brook Colby, Junior Yearling, exhibited by Brityn Davies, Arlington.

Reserve Champion Bull: Lands Brook Crazy Horse, Junior Bull Calf, exhibited by Brityn Davies.

Junior Champion: SAK mocha Tierney, Senior Heifer Calf, exhibited by Paulson Dairy, Andover.

Reserve Junior Champion: Thyen Nitro Athena, Winter Yearling, exhibitor Thyen Farms, Waverly.

Intermediate Champion: Thyen Liriano Lightening, Sr. 2 year old, exhibited by Thyen Farms.

Reserve Intermediate Champion: JK Berg Artemis, 2nd place Sr. 2 year old, exhibited by Thyen Farms.

Senior Champion: Thomas Snowball, Dry Aged, Claire and Bev Thomas, Huron.

Reserve Sr. Champion: Cribbet Style Ava, 2nd place Dry Aged, Boldt family, Arlington SD.

Grand Champion and Best Udder: Thyen’ s Senior 2 year old.

Reserve Grand Champion: Thomas Dry Aged Cow.

Premier Breeder: Thyen Farms.

Premier Exhibitor: Boldt Family.


Junior Champion: Kenefick Jackpot Persephonie, Junior Heifer Calf, Jessica Kenefick, Alcester.

Reserve Junior Champion: Pluckers Jackpot Olive, Summer Yearling, Plucker Farms, Chancellor.

Intermediate Champion: Kenefick Neon Aphrodite, Sr. 2 year old, Jessica Kenefick.

Reserve Intermediate Champion: Faria Farms Carter Neveah, 2nd place Sr. 2 year old, Plucker Farms.

Senior Champion: Faria Farms Challenge Noelle, 5 year old, Plucker Farms.

Reserve Senior Champion: Opdahl Kain Doll, Dry 3 and 4 year old, Opdahl Dairy, Hazel SD.

Grand Champion and Best Udder: Kenefick’s Senior 2 year old.

Reserve Grand Champions: Plucker’s 5 year old.

Premier Exhibitor: Plucker Farms.

Premier Breeder: Opdahl Dairy.


Junior Champion: Victory Arrow 37197, Summer Yearling, Northern Lites Jerseys, Milbank.

Reserve Junior Champion: Stephen Reagan Lucy, Junior Yearling, Bonnie Elms Farm, Dimock.

Intermediate Champion: Gordons Governor Rose, Junior 3 year old, Andrew Weber, Huron.

Reserve Intermediate Champion: Woodmohr Creamy Dot Com, Senior 3 year old, Andrew Weber.

Senior Champion: Bonnie Elms Comerica Carmel, 4 year old, Bonnie Elms Farm.

Reserve Senior Champion: Paule-View Giller Sabrina, Aged cow, Bonnie Elms Farm.

Best Udder: Weber’s Senior 3 year old.

Grand Champion: Weber’s Junior 3 year old.

Reserve Grand Champions: Bonnie Elms’ 4 year old.

Premier Exhibitor: Andrew Weber.

Premier Breeder: Pat and