SDSU Davis Dairy Plant welcomes new manager

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BROOKINGS – John Haberkorn has accepted the position of Plant Manager at the Davis Dairy Plant at South Dakota State University, pending approval by the Board of Regents.

“John’s extensive experience in commercial plant operations, quality, safety operations, maintenance and budgeting will be of immense value to the Davis Dairy Plant here at SDSU,” said Vikram Mistry, Dairy Science Department Head.

As Plant Manager Haberkorn will be responsible for operating the Davis Dairy Plant as well as supervising and training students who will enter the dairy industry after graduation.

SDSU is one of two universities in the US that offers dairy production and dairy manufacturing degrees. The Davis Dairy Plant was completed and opened in October, 2011 and includes state of the art production, research and teaching facilities for dairy processing. The dairy plant employs a manager, assistant manager, numerous part-time students, and markets products through its store on campus.

Haberkorn graduated from SDSU with a degree in Dairy Manufacturing in 1985 and has since developed extensive experience in the dairy processing industry. Prior to accepting the Plant Manager position at SDSU, Haberkorn was Operations Manager at Western Quality Foods in Cedar City, Utah.

After graduation from SDSU, he started as the Assistant Quality Assurance Manager at Sinton Dairy, in Colorado Springs, CO. Haberkorn was then promoted to Quality Assurance Manager, and subsequently managed the production of cultured products at this facility, including Cottage cheese, sour cream, and buttermilk. In 1992 he accepted the challenge of converting an old cultured plant in Utah into an extended shelf life dairy. In this assignment Haberkorn shut down the old plant, sold off the equipment, and built and started up the new facility. He has since been in charge of all operations at this facility which manufactures extended shelf life products for several large companies.