Edmunds County National 4-H Week activities

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National 4-H Week was October 6-12. Several activities were held in Edmunds County during the week to promote 4-H.

The Wily Wizards 4-H Club painted windows at Ipswich Public School. They also hung the 4-H flag at the 4-H Building.

The Junior Leaders sponsored a coloring contest in all four schools for grades K-3 in the county including Edmunds Central, Bowdle Elementary, Holy Cross, and Ipswich Public. All participants received a sticker and the first three places received prizes. The Junior Leaders also met at the Edmunds County Food Pantry and cleaned and stocked the shelves.

Jenna Malsom, Youth Program Advisor went into the schools and did a promotional program on 4-H for grades 2-4. The students also received a scratch art four leaf clover that they could design.

Malsom spoke about the possibilities of 4-H. She informed the students of the projects and activities that they could participate in. She also talked about the life skills members learn from being in 4-H. She asked students in the schools that participate in the 4-H program to comment on their own experiences. Alex Preszler, April Waldner, and Jacob Klueber are senior members in 4-H that helped Malsom present information. They each shared what activities they like to do in 4-H, what they have learned, and their favorite projects.