New community dedicated to dairy wellness

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At Zoetis, we make it our priority to help you practice Dairy Wellness every day because it’s more than just an idea. It’s a commitment. That’s why we’ve created – a new, interactive website that connects you directly to valuable dairy management resources and information as well as to fellow dairy producers. is a one-stop shop where producers and veterinarians can interact as well as find videos and blog posts from industry experts, printable resources and much, much more. Even better? The website is updated with new posts weekly. This way, you have the latest tools and resources necessary to run a successful dairy operation. The website covers all aspects of Dairy Wellness, including:

· Fresh cow performance

· Reproductive management

· Milk quality

· Calf and heifer wellness

· Disease prevention

· Labor management

Dairy Wellness is the difference we can make together for our industry. It’s a commitment to do what’s right for healthy animals, healthy dairies and healthy food. Zoetis is here to assist you and your operation.

Register for updates from and make it part of your regular routine to catch the latest updates in Dairy Wellness news and resources.