Precision agriculture: Stepping into the future

Farm Forum

Precision agriculture, a relatively new but growing area of farming, received a great deal of focus at this year’s Big Iron Farm Show in Fargo.

“The products that have evolved within the past two years are unreal, and the more stuff to come is only going to make planting and everything that has to do with farming easier,” says Justin Brantner, who beta-tested Premium Ag Solutions’ Delta Force system in 2012.

Brantner, as a major supporter of precision agriculture, promoted Delta Force at 2013’s Big Iron event.

“Normally, you’ve got a 36-row planter that’s considered, you know, a planter,” Brantner says. “What we like to think is if we take that 36-row planter with Delta Force, we’ve got 36 planters. Because with Delta Force, we control the individual row-by-row, so each is controlled differently, whether it’s on the wing, whether it’s in the backs…so we’re able to keep a consistent depth no matter what you’re planting.”

Brantner says one of the primary advantages to Delta Force is its adaptability. Delta Force isn’t planter-specific, so it has the potential to work on almost any planter on the market. Currently, Delta Force has been adapted for use with some John Deere planters, Case and Kinze planters.

“Every seed is what we’re trying to control; not as an acre, not as a field; we want